Dorcel Sexpresso Press & Play – Grey


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Sexpresso of Dorcel is a masturbator made for male masturbation. This sex toy has an elongated and tapered shape for a very comfortable grip. The external part of Sexpresso is a case in which a silicone membrane is placed with the surface covered with raised points. To use Sexpresso, all you have to do is insert the silicone membrane in the most rigid case, lubricate the base of the sex toy and place it on the erect penis. After performing these simple steps, you will be ready to enjoy your personal moment of pleasure. All you have to do is slide your hand up and down, at the pace you prefer, to feel Sexpresso massage your penis and reach orgasm. The raised dots make the sex toy more exciting, while the suction mechanism will seem very similar to the sensations of a vagina.

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