Sex & Mischief Enchanted Kit


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A kit that will enchant your desires…
Velvety-soft and sensual, this bondage set includes a burgundy blindfold and matching cuffs to push the limits of your love life. Hide your plaything’s pretty eyes to heighten the anticipation and make every touch, kiss, pinch, or smack a surprise. Meanwhile their wrists will be restrained and out of your way, leaving their beautiful body vulnerable to your desires. The cuffs utilize a unique stud-in-hole closure and can be unclasped from each other to customize your play.
Enchanted Kit specifications:
Material: polyurethane, acrylic, polyester, polyurethane foam, elastic, nickel-free metal
Measurements: 9″ (23 cm) handcuffs, 9″ (23 cm) Blindfold

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