Sport Fucker Cum Stopper – Black


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Sport Fucker introduces its brand new Cum Stopper. Take your cock-play to the next level. With the stretchy, 100% medical-grade silicone the Cum Stopper can be used when your cock it at rest as well as rock hard. Speaking of rock hard, once your Cum Stopper is in, give your head a squeeze and feel how much firmer your head is with this in. Contrary to its name, this toy will not actually stop you from coming. But it will slow down your ejaculation, greatly intensifying your orgasm! The stretchy glans ring makes sure the Stopper stays in place allowing you use of your hands for whatever other stimulation you crave.
Made for both cut and uncut cock
Material: 100% medical grade premium silicone
35 mm/1.25 inch (interior diameter of glans ring)
8 mm/.3 inch (Diameter of ball)
5 mm/.2 inch (Diameter of tubing)
25 mm/1 inch (Insertable depth)

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