Swiss Navy Desire Toy & Body Cleaner – 4 oz


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The Desire by Swiss Navy® collection is developed by women, for women, to provide solutions for fulfilling intimate desires with innovative formulas created with the female body in mind. Inspired by the science of desire, every custom-made product features key ingredients and unique formulations to engage female consumers and their personal needs.
Key Benefits of Desire Toy & Body Cleaner:
Proper cleaning of sex toys is essential to avoid bacterial infection or transmission of STIs. Cleanliness is the most important tool to fight off germs on sex toys. Desire’s Toy & Body Cleaner performs where regular H2O fails to safeguard against bacteria and germs. Body-safe sanitizing allows for more confident sexy moments without fear of possible irritation. Cleanliness may help increase the life span of sex toys and may also help them to work better, longer.
Female-friendly Packaging.
American-made, FDA-regulated formulas.

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