EXSENS of Paris Warming Massage Oil – Mint Mojito


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EXSENS Mint Mojito Warming Intimate Massage gel will surely heat things up between the sheets! Created for intimate foreplay and oral pleasure, our vegan, paraben free formula is body safe and condom friendly. This refreshing cocktail of cool mint, tangy lime and a hint of sweetness offers a gentle warming sensation when applied to intimate areas. . Just one taste, and you’ll be hooked! Certified Vegan . Paraben Free. Phenoxyethanol Free. Sugar Free. Condom Friendly/No Petroleum-Based Ingredients. Silky Formula. Non-Staining. Warming Sensation. No Bitter Aftertaste. Fun Glow-in-the-Dark Strips on Bottle. Directions for Use: Apply to intimate areas where a gentle warming sensation is desired. For foreplay and oral pleasure.  

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