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The sensation of touch is one of our earliest interactions with the wider world, and perhaps the most fundamental to our happiness and emotional wellbeing. Get back in touch with your innermost desires with Skins Touch – a pleasure led, design driven range of luxurious toys, celebrating this most special of sense.

Lovingly created for both internal and external stimulation, this powerful, ergonomic, and wonderfully weighty wand will leave you spellbound.

With an enlarged, ribbed tip and beautifully bendy body, the Wand from Skins Touch will send ripples of pleasure throughout your entire being. Let the magic begin…

Each toy is lovingly sculpted using FeelMe, an innovative double dipped silicone that is super soft and velvety, emulating the soothing, affirming experience of touch.

How to use:

Ensure the device is clean and charged before use
• It is recommended to charge the device fully before first use. During charge the light will blink. Once fully charged the light will remain on
• Press and hold ‘on’ button for 2 seconds to turn on/off, click to progress through the 8 pleasure modes
• Clean the device after each use

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